View Full Version : Paralyzed female adult squirrel

05-29-2016, 07:22 PM
I found a squirrel 24 hrs ago. She isn't moving her back legs or tail and has a scratch . Besides that, there is no blood or obvious injury. I found her in the road so I'm quessing she had a run in with a vehicle. I called a rehabbed but she said we should put her down. However I've seen a lot of animals that live happy lives. She doesn't seem to be in pain just sad to be caged. I know how to help her potty and bathe her. But I don't know much else. Like how long do I keep her in a quiet dark place. Should I bring her outside to play or should she be resting should I massage her legs and move them for exercise. How often do I help her pee. Should I give her anything special . I don't want her to get to depressed. Any advice is welcome

05-29-2016, 07:51 PM
She should be seen by a vet. An adult squirrel usually isn't happy in captivity. That's down the road. If there's swelling of her spinal cord she should have a steroid right NOW. Smarter folks wll chime in as to what is best that you might get your hands on immediately. The earlier swelling goes down the greater her chances of recovery. We can help with care. Right now, she needs to be quiet--especially if there's spinal injury. She needs hydration and if she can't urinate or deficate on her own she'll need help--at least several times a day. If a vet can evaluate you'll know what you're dealing with.

09-03-2016, 12:57 PM
Thank u for ur reply. I tryed to find help for her but everyone said that if her spine was broke she would be put down. Also once I gave her to them they couldn't given her back because they r illegal in NC. I didn't want her to be put down I wanted to give her a choice, a chance. Anyway I wanted to update u. When I found her in the road she couldn't move her legs r tail at all. The back of each of her thighs had like a hard lump in them but no swelling else where. I'm happy to say that she can actually move her legs and tail now. But she's struggling. When she stretches her legs they stretch to the same place she use to drag them. So Im not sure if her leg muscles got use to being in that position. Maybe she need physical theory. With her tail when she moves it, it goes down and never up. Anyway I put her in the bath to help relax her muscles then I managed them and strength them gently in the correct position. I can tell now she's holding her legs a little better. She's really trying to walk. I believe with physical therapy and her will she will walk again. She even climbs a little and u can see her legs trying. She's really sweet. When I scratch her neck she moves her arm so I can really get it good. But I can tell she's starting to get depress cuz she has gotten a little bit better and wants to climb, play and be social . So we r gonna make her a bigger place that she can climb a bit and play. All advice and Criticism is welcome. Thank you