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little susie
01-10-2015, 11:12 AM
I have alot of squirrels that come and visit me.Of course they know mommy loves and feeds them.Their my babies.Latley there have been falcons,and hawks coming.I don't mind. In the spiritual world its a good thing.I always say thank you.Today omfg.The hawk is sitting waiting for birds to come on the fence.Here comes one of my boo's.I started freaking out.He walked so close to the hawk.It was a stare down.I was shaking.Thank god my boo,came down and started eating.Ok I'll go back online,and did.Then another one of my babies came from the other fence.Good boy!!! When he was done mr.hawk was still there.This time the hawk raised his wings!I started screaming no, no, no,.The squirrel backed away,and he looked at me like"chill out I got this". Thank god nothing happened.I don't even know what I would of done.It's so amazing how I have caught the love bug from them.Thank you everybody who help these sweet souls.There is no love like squirrel love!:Love_Icon:grouphug

01-10-2015, 12:57 PM
:shakehead you are sooo right! It's awful watching Nature in all her beauty :Love_Icon and yes even those hawks, which are beautiful, majestic beings, have to eat....I personally love my birds...well, I love them all, birds, opossums, raccoons, deer ....squirrels have my heart tho...because I've been touched by a few. :Love_Icon All I can do is try to make my yard as safe as possible because it's my responsibility.....I'm the one that has created a buffet for my squirrels and birds to partake :dono and well, it's a clear invitation to predators also, because there is such a large presence of their food source here.:thinking so I chase the hawks...I have eagles, too! That's really scary....and I do scream at them and flail about like a madwoman ...it seems to deter them from my yard....the woods :dono that's another story...if I hear a squirrel alerting in the woods, I will investigate to see what's frightening them. This is usually enough to frighten the predator off :thumbsup