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10-01-2012, 03:35 AM
So I took in two orphaned babies that I believe to be around 4 weeks old. My aunt had found them in her yard and long story short, they ended up in my care until I can find a rehab for them. Tonight is my first night with them and As soon as I picked them up I noticed teeny tiny mites all over them (and a few fleas too). So I gave them both a quick wash with dawn dish soap. After that I got their formula all mixed and fed them. Well now I keep finding these tiny mites on MYSELF eek! I am worried about my home becoming infested with them! Is that something I should be worried about? And my dogs?! Can anyone help me on this issue? Even after the bath with dawn soap I still see them crawling on the babies :(

10-01-2012, 04:47 AM
Get two big bowls deep enough to dunk the babies and submerge them to the neck while cradling in your hand. Fill one with warm soapy Dawn water and one with clear warm water. Dunk baby to the neck in the soapy water and let him stay in it for 30 seconds or so. Then rinse well by dunking in the clear warm water. Wrap him in a paper towel (very absorbent) and then in a warm puece of fleece or towel so only his head is sticking out - and use a Dawn water saturated cotton ball or a little piece of washcloth to thoroughly clean, and then rise, the head.

Dump ALL bedding, scrub the container they are in, and replace with clean bedding. Tuck baby back in clean container and make sure the heating pad under it is warm enough to keep the damp baby warm.

Don't rinse under running water. It scares them. Dunk in a bowl.

The Dawn needs to be in contact with the insects for a little time to cut through the waxy coating and allow the insect to drown.

Change both bowls of water in between babies.