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02-04-2009, 10:27 AM
First, you will need to have photos saved to your hard drive and accessible in a folder. You may also have photos on a camera or other media device such as a USB drive, but that device must be attached to the computer in order to upload photos to a host.

Host: this is a site that you will upload your pictures to. Your photos much be hosted somewhere online in order to pst them on TSB.

You can set up a free account on many different hosts, such as http://photobucket.com/ or http://www.flickr.com/

Once you have set up a free account on a hosting site, and are logged in, you are ready to upload some pics!

On Flickr, you should see a button that says "Upload Photos & Video" or "Upload" (depending where on your screen you look). Click on that.

Then you will see "Step 1:Choose photos and videos" Click on it.

A window will pop up. Go to the folder or device on your computer where you have your pics saved. Select a pic. Use the "Add More" button to add additional images.

When you have selected all the pics you would like to upload, click the "Upload Photos and Video" button.

If using Flickr, you will be asked to descrbe your photos or use tags (keywords).

Click "Save."

You will now see all your uploaded photos ("photostream" in Flickr). You are now ready to post pics on TSB!

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02-04-2009, 10:32 AM
Posting a photo online

Start a new thread or go to an existing thread and click "Post Reply."

Go to your photo host site, select a photo, and right-click on the image. Secelt "Properties." Copy the URL of that image.

It should look something like this:


Now go back to the thread on TSB and find the little yellow button that looks like a sun setting behind a mountain.

Click on that button. A box will pop up. Paste the URL into the box. Click "OK."

Your URL will now have the coding for posting a pic wrapped around it. When you "Submit Reply" or post your new thread, your pics will post.


You can post several pics, and even include comments on each pic.


TIP for Flickr users.

You can post your pics in several sizes. For the above size use the URL from the "Your Photostream" page.

From the Photostream page you can click on an individual image and see a larger version of the pic. If you get the URL from this page, the pic will be this size.


For thumbnails, such as in a signature, click on the TAG (such as "Penny" in my case) and copy the URL from one of the smaller pics. If you have not already added Tags (when you uploaded) you may do so from the individual photo pages.


You MUST leave the pics uploaded to your host in order for them to show up for others. If you delete your photos from your host, people will no longer be able to view them.

06-28-2010, 10:38 PM
First of all save the picture in hard disk. And host the site will upload the picture. we should see the button that says upload the photo click on that.Put the over like photo on the site and click the save button.It will be update.

06-25-2011, 12:30 AM
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