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  1. Weeks to weight
  2. changing colors?
  3. question on cage
  4. Possible overwintering, need location, please read!
  5. Toy Ideas Please
  6. feeding wilds?!
  7. Sweet Potatoes
  8. Biting
  9. yes another handling issue
  10. Sounther Flying Squirrel Breeding
  11. Food Sizes, PLEASE help me
  12. more questions on housing
  13. Still trying to read everything, but in the meantime...questions!
  14. Poop issues
  15. Wet Belly
  16. When are they grown?
  17. Update!!
  18. DEXTERS last evening with us <3
  19. bald spot?!
  20. how to cope
  21. Pneumonia video
  22. I think my baby is "wilding up"
  23. Just Put Babies Outside How Long will they Hide??
  24. sleeping on the floor?!
  25. Balding lil' lady
  26. Overwintering?
  27. Christmas Tree
  29. Is my boy too fat?
  30. malocclusion
  31. Are these baby squirrels or rats?
  32. Not sure if he is dragging bottom or buttons...?
  33. Question about Grey Squirrel Reuniting
  34. Deworming
  35. Yesterday I red somethign about a black flyer squirrel
  36. Need to Release Kai Soon, But It's Winter
  37. Singleton question
  38. Mass. test for permit
  39. Balding has not gotten better..worse!
  40. How are flyers with temp change???
  41. chinks in play got Elven banned
  42. IR's Handout: Neonatal Care of PINKIES
  43. Kelly is getting a 5 week old baby
  44. How to reduce the risk of aspiration in young squirrels
  45. BooBoo took off on us...
  46. Found a baby in my yard this evening....
  47. Missing foot
  48. Ready for water? Worming?
  49. Questions on housing, weaning, etc.
  50. Another season, another batch of overfed squirrels
  51. Did I do the completely wrong thing?
  52. stomach bumps?
  53. How old are my babies?
  54. Fox or Grey?
  55. Blind Juvie?
  56. How old are my babies? (pics added)
  57. Can I feed them every four hours now?
  58. What/how often should a 9-10 week old squirrel eat?
  59. Exhausted, when can I drop their late feed?
  60. ok guys, how old do you release??
  61. Taking them off the heating pad.
  62. Pocket Gofer?? Need Help
  63. baby weights and ages
  64. New baby squee for me... help please!
  65. Baby SFS Wanted England 350
  66. 2 babies
  67. Poor baby red
  68. Unhappy/antsy babies...
  69. Release help
  70. Baby pix!
  71. brothers at war
  72. Is this cage too big for a first cage?
  73. Rascall is such a character!
  74. Has anyone released where there are neighborhood cats?
  75. Lower teeth long
  76. Will they ever figure out their nest box and other pre-release jitters.
  77. inside outside squirrels....
  78. Ants in their release cage?
  79. squirrely noises
  80. Heating pad?
  81. What to feed my Squirrel?
  82. My 3 Sons: Tails, Social development, misc.
  83. Suddenly distant squirrel
  84. Inhaling the nipple?!
  85. New babies
  86. Milk Line Pic needed
  87. Bonding Advice?
  88. Questions about my baby squirrel
  89. Night feeding
  90. Feeding amount
  91. Weight chart
  92. Fox Valley
  94. New and I Need Help!
  95. My baby isn't a baby anymore:)
  96. Am I feeding babies enough?
  97. Missing Indoor/outdoor squirrel
  98. Fidgety Babies
  99. Baby only pooping in bed
  100. What can be used for diarrhea
  101. how long does it last?
  102. Concerned about "scabbing"
  103. fleas?
  104. 4 week old feeding question
  105. eyes
  106. Pine neddles
  107. Baby squirrel milk mixture question.
  108. Solid Poop, struggling issue, and mild cough/sneeze
  109. feeding/wont eat
  110. litter training?
  111. baby refused formula
  112. Planning the future habitat
  113. Urinary tract infection or behavioral issue?
  114. Please let me know if im doing this right?!?
  115. Heating pad
  116. baby food?
  117. Fat babies
  118. How many of you have had this happen?
  119. raising two boys together?
  120. How do they look?
  121. Release cage
  122. What age would you guess?
  123. Baby Squirrels Eating Eachother
  124. 2 baby squirrels found mamma dead:(
  125. Too small for eyes to open
  126. How ofen to feed
  127. Can I separate baby squirrels from eachother? They keep eating at each other
  128. Switch from Goats milk to FV!
  129. Best Cage Temps??
  130. What is the law on keeping a pet squirrel in North Dakota?
  131. Will a vet see 6 week old baby squirrels?
  132. Nest box
  133. Lazy Eater
  134. formula question help
  135. Costa Rican release and other squirrel neighbours
  136. Looking for experts to please help answer this thread
  137. gave up my little buddy but looking forward to doing this again
  138. Squirrel Cage?
  139. Boy or girl
  140. development
  141. Nest box hole size?
  142. Can a human catch mange from baby squirrels?
  143. Bad smelling pee!?!?
  144. Higher fat formula
  145. Anyone know where is that website where they have a live cam? Showing baby squirrels?
  146. Who posted the article about pedialyte?
  147. Uh oh, think i just messed up the new sticky
  148. To keep or not?
  149. Sleeping in a sock?
  150. Need Cage Advise asap please! :)
  151. Terribly dry skin????
  152. When it rains it pours
  153. One eye open!
  154. Advice needed for weighing baby squirrels
  155. Questions about a type of food
  156. Safe Cleaning?
  157. Night Feedings??
  158. Single Baby heat pad
  159. Chewing on the food bowl
  160. Winter release?
  161. Heating pad
  162. How much & how often?
  163. Safe Squirrel Toys??
  164. bot fly??
  165. when should baby pee on her own?
  166. Should I turn them over
  167. Wintering a Squirrel + Diet Questions
  168. Aggressive Babies
  169. disaplen
  170. When to move to full cage??
  171. Flyer age progression
  172. Help needed on what to feed a baby squirrel at past 5 weeks!!
  173. Ultra Boost Question??
  174. Need Help with the General and his feeding Please :D
  175. Baby squirrel gasping for air when eating
  176. kitten formula for baby flyer
  177. Babies peeing on food. Why?
  178. Male Genitalia of Squirrels... Why does my squirrel's doohickey look different?
  179. Average Expected Weight Gain Per Week??
  180. how to.....
  181. Suggested water bowls/water bottles??
  182. 1cc or 3cc Syringes?
  183. how much to feed baby flyer
  184. Need to Tweak the feedings
  185. cage for baby gabby
  186. Little boy always peeing himself!!
  187. Releasing..in winter!?
  190. How big should a Wintering cage be
  191. Possible to Reunite with Mama Squirrel?
  192. Squirrel proofing a room???
  193. Recipe for Henry's Blocks Baby Biscuits for Young Squirrels
  194. odd thing olys doing
  195. female 6 weeks still not peeing on her own!
  196. Anything I'm missing? Also help aging this squirrel baby?(First time squirrel helper)
  197. Found a baby squirrel in my home
  198. whining
  199. Baby Squirrel--I'm Trying, But Need Advice Very Soon
  200. Sweet 8 week old now turning into Monster at feeding time.
  201. 8 week old acts drunk!
  202. Few questions and pics!
  203. General chews on syringe tips
  204. Toilet paper paper towel
  205. Is my Cage Ramp dangerous?
  206. Water bottle
  207. over watering
  208. Weaning
  209. Transitioning
  210. bonding pouch for singleton 5week baby gray?
  211. Squirrel pee smell
  212. bot flys
  213. Food Coloring? Please read!
  214. greek yogert
  215. lighting question
  216. Hello ?
  217. How Much Does a 4ish-Week Old Squirrel Need to Eat/How Often?
  218. What's a healthy weight for a ~7 week old eastern grey squirrel?
  219. vet in long island ny
  220. Our baby
  221. Late Bloomer??
  222. Where do I go from here??
  224. Hiding marbles
  225. JEB Stuart's Teeth are buck toothed? what do I do?
  226. Cage Toys???
  227. Baby squirrel question
  228. Mother Squirrels who kick out defective babies? How common is this?
  229. Nibbling on my rings
  230. Salt?
  231. How do Mommy Squirrels make Babies Stay in nest?
  232. Naughy little demons!!
  233. are Henry's Wild Bites suitable for babies to chew?
  234. My baby opened his eyes!
  235. Questions
  236. What I've spent on my new squirrel $$$$ They are expensive!
  237. There should be an aggression sticky, lol
  238. Plastic zip ties no match for wonder squirrel !!
  239. size and weight difference between siblings?
  240. Can I feed my babies too often?
  242. To Vitamin or Not to Vitamin?
  243. Uhhhhh is this Bad
  244. Is my He.. as She? (How to tell gender in eastern grey)
  245. How long is he gonna stay mad at me??
  246. Need advice
  247. Stealing treats.. How do I stop this?
  248. Is this a behavior issue?
  249. New here. 5 baby Flyers... weaning questions
  250. New here. 5 baby Flyers... weaning questions