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  1. West Nile Virus
  2. heartworm?
  3. Poop!
  4. nevous twitch or defect
  5. Cause for 'no fur' on tail?
  6. need help
  7. Help catching squirrel
  8. My Tail
  9. parvo
  10. pneumonia/Aspiration
  11. Redness on cheeks
  12. Dark Red Urine
  13. Black and white squirrel
  14. Distilled Water
  15. Remedy for sticking plungers....any insight appreciated!
  18. Tetanus in squirrels
  19. wot could it be???
  20. Can anyone help please..????
  21. what causes a Water Infection in squirrels????
  22. High Blood Sugar and Diabetes
  23. Squirrels eating with the head upwards
  25. gross; disease? water dish contamination?
  26. Swollen toe!!! Help!
  27. COLD
  28. Encephalomyocarditis
  29. Pointy's Furless Tail
  30. Teeth
  31. Can a squirrel's ear grow back?
  32. Bacterial Skin Infection
  34. swelling above both eyes
  35. wolves
  36. Hyperthermia (Heat Stroke)
  37. Disabled or Diseased Arctic Ground Squirrel?
  38. Bird question
  39. Skin Problem.. not sure what it is
  40. Wife Scared about Staff Infections--HELP!
  41. Is there a way to deter Cats from my yard?
  42. weird fur...????
  43. Lulu-Bean's Teeth
  44. ***Question for Rehabber re: LYME DISEASE?***
  45. Mighty Oscar
  46. Wobblies
  47. Brenna has been dragging her bottom today. UTI?
  48. Teeth question
  49. heat stroke
  50. Strange, scary behavior...worried it's seizures
  51. untimely death
  52. Normal Shedding?
  53. please can someone help??
  54. I think Squirrelett is sick, please help me.
  55. Squirrelett Update, We Found A Wound
  56. Long term care of brain injured squirrel
  57. My squirrel seems sick
  58. Pepper's Teeth
  59. When to disinfect a cage . . .?
  60. For Squirrels difficult to dose w antibiotics
  61. Source for collars
  62. swollen upper arms and stiffness
  63. Seizures and Traditional Chinese medicine?
  64. Allergies
  65. Please help
  66. Contagious Illnesses
  67. Maggots! please read
  68. Zymbal's gland tumor
  69. Issue with eyes
  70. Question??????
  71. anti-parasite supplements/plants?
  72. Wounded Ear
  73. Crippled Squirrel/Urine scald legs
  75. Teeth color questions...
  76. Squirrels antomy liver location
  77. Rehab advice needed for paralysis
  78. constipation
  79. New & With a Couple Questions in Fla.
  80. odontoma info
  81. Squirrel's Temperature
  82. Ailment on wild squirrel I feed
  83. Emergency Drugs I Should Have on Hand for Baby Squirrels
  84. Have ya'll heard of CLOSTRIDIUM ENTERITIS?
  85. HIBICLENS for skin wounds
  86. cloudy eye/blind eye
  87. bach's remedy
  88. Wild Squirrel Question
  89. sudden death of 4month old squirrel--??
  90. Something wrong with my favourite wild squirrel
  91. Rabies virus / Please read!!!
  92. Looking for a flying squirrel:)
  93. do squirrels carry lyme disease?
  94. Pneumonia & the phantom click
  95. What are these strange sores on my wild squirrels?
  97. Rabies
  98. Diagnosis on this viral Internet feed??
  99. Age guess
  100. Respiratory Infections
  101. Neo-Squammy Syndrome (NSS)
  102. Warning about nicotine toxicity
  103. spinal injury info
  104. Eye Problem
  105. Trimming Teeth?
  106. How big are normal balls??
  107. Ball Size
  108. Paralyzed Squirrels
  109. Neuro Squirrels
  110. Blind Squirrels
  111. Deformed or broken hand?
  112. Partially blind squirrel
  113. Possibly dehydrated squirrel
  114. Scratching Baby
  115. 9 week old flying squirrel calcium deficiency?
  116. Do squirrels grieve
  117. Please help mishaped head and swollen/red eyes
  118. Hair still thinning after Revolution and using dip bath from bath from the vet.
  119. Baby squirrel wanted
  120. Milk Thistle - How do I dose?
  121. UTI treatment?
  122. Laser Treatment in Spinal Trauma
  123. One Eye Blind?
  124. Best treatment for possible aspiration pneumonia?
  125. worms???
  126. Swollen Testicle
  127. post mortem inquiry
  128. Respiratory issue adult squirrel.
  129. Long term efficacy of expired antibiotic medication
  130. Sore eye
  131. Rabies in a wild squirrel?
  132. Pneumonia .. this could help
  133. Inability to Regulate Temperature?
  134. Whitish/clearish/watery/puffy poo
  135. Squirrel Stool Issues-diarrhea, parasites, new foods, rehydration
  136. Now deceased - Found this post - injury or disease?
  137. Eye problem in Wild Squirrels-genetic, injury or disease in Kansas?
  138. Bayliascaris and wildlife rehabbers
  139. HRT4SQRLS' clarification of Anti-FUNGAL vs anti-PROTOZOAL MEDS (Proper Use of Metro)
  140. Regarding the use of Ibuprofren
  141. Urinary tract infections?
  142. Unknown Parasites
  143. Can squirrels get parasites​ from eating ants and other insects?
  144. Flying squirrel juvenile rabies
  145. Aflatoxins info and test strips
  146. Loss of hair on last half of tail
  147. Diabetes (Types I & II) (Congenital & Dietary) Research & Treatment Strategies
  148. Wildlife Diseases and US Maps by State - PDF.
  149. Kidney Disease Info, Data, and potential treatments
  150. Aronia berry: It isn't called the Superberry for nothing!
  151. UTIs: Causes -Treatments - & Preventatives
  152. Last year notice of outbreak of Seoul Virus - aka: Old World Hanta Virus
  153. Yellow spots on baby squirrel
  154. Yellow Jackets, what NOT to do!
  155. Free of Caged
  156. Tutorial aide: terms symbols, units, percentages, & calculating medicine in rehabbing
  157. I found a website for medication
  158. Balding yard squirrel
  159. Help! Young squirrel with poop problems:(
  160. Deadly Silence of Electric Cars?
  161. Arch back & Baby fine hair
  162. Optional treatments for Anxiety and/or OCD in tree squirrels
  163. Non Functional Ears?
  164. hurts to pee
  165. Tularemia in Eastern and Western Gray Squirrels in WA State
  166. Zoonotic diseases in squirrels
  167. Homeopathy: what it does and how to use it.
  168. Bacterial Classification, Structure and Function
  169. Is Motrin safe for squirrels?
  170. General conditions found in rats/rodents, and treatments
  171. Liver disease: Not from what is in the food, but what may be on the food?
  172. 1.5 % of Americans carry MRSA antibiotic resistant Super bug
  173. Advice - Grey squirrel inflamed itching bald spots underbelly - please help
  174. Snake !!!
  175. can anyone help diagnosis this little guy?
  176. Squirrel With No Fur On Tail
  177. Unknown lumps
  178. Cancers in rodents
  179. Anesthesia in tree squirrels and woodrats
  180. Vet info
  181. Viruses found in Tree Squirrels
  182. The many possible causes of Seizures
  183. What went wrong
  184. Cipro and other Fluoroquinolones may cause aneurysm
  185. poassible bloat
  186. Cataracts or Lenticular Sclerosis or (nuclear) Sclerosis
  187. 3 - 7-8 week old boys penis all elongated
  188. Raccoon Roundworm in Rodents
  190. Are you poisoning your animals?
  191. Squirrel susceptibility to COVID-19?
  192. Nugget- inflamed penis
  194. Grey squirrel with unusual balls of white hair
  195. Losing tail fur
  196. Bloody stool
  197. 5ish week old with neurological issues
  198. 12 common stool problems in squirrels
  199. Vomiting after Fox Valley 20/50
  200. New User: Outdoor Squirrel w/broken tail
  201. Suckling siblings
  202. Hearing compromised because of loud vacuum noise
  203. Bloody tail, lost fur, getting worse
  204. Specific constipation remedies w/ instructions by age/weight, please
  205. Bone changes after castration in (middle-aged) rats A model for osteoporosis
  206. Coccidia
  207. Hair loss and chewed tail with exposed bone
  208. UTI infection treatment help
  209. Sneezing
  210. Rare but potentially fatal causes of mortality in rodents
  211. Eye of squirrel in DC?
  212. Genitalia concerns
  213. Eye removal surgery
  214. Dosage help please
  215. Strange pinkish, redish fur on belly of female squirrel.
  216. Does this squirrel need help?
  217. Itchy squirrel
  218. Vomiting vs. Regurgitation etc... A must read!
  219. Chronic Ear Infections in Neuro Squirrel
  220. Paw Swelling and Peeling in Young Squirrel: Seeking Advice
  221. Losing Fur over a period of a year and a half
  222. Rash/infection of foot?
  223. heavy metal contamination in Eastern Gray squirrel populations
  224. Discontinuing Antibiotic If A Squirrel Is Not Urinating Immediately.
  225. HELP NEEDED: Inflamed Lymph Nodes and Flakey Skin
  226. Bottom Teeth dull and receding & top teeth not growing.