Some Do's and Don'ts about living with a Flying Squirrel


  • If he has the run of your bedroom, open and close your dresser drawers slowly. Your flyer may have decided to curl up for a nap inside your shorts and you don't want to squash him.
  • Shuffle your feet when crossing the room, especially at night. They're fast and will run right under your foot.
  • Don't use towels for bedding. Your flyer will chew on them and they can get tangled in the threads and strangle themselves. Cotton balls or "Squirrel Fluff" makes for very good bedding. And it's fun to watch them gather it up and take it home!
  • Hanging water bottles are NOT the best idea for watering your flyer. The ball can get stuck and prevent adequate water flow. If you use one of these bottles, be sure that you make another water source available too. Not plastic though, they will chew on the plastic and it can create serious health problems.
  • Be sure to provide a calcium source for your flyer. Cuttle bone works if you can get him to chew on it. You can also buy powdered calcium and sprinkle it on his food once a week. Don't over do it though.
  • Yogurt is a good calcium source and most flying squirrels like it
  • Keep in mind that as important as calcium is to your flying squirrels, their systems won't absorb it without the aid of Vitamin D, so make sure that they get an ample supply. I used a supplement that could be added to their water. If your squirrel decides he doesn't like it, add a little sweet-n-low to the mix and you won't have any problems getting them to drink it.
  • Get a copy of "The Flying Squirrel: King and queen of the pet world" by Curt Howard. It is a must-have book for anyone with flying squirrels. The book addresses many of the issues that you will be confronted with as your squirrel ages.

  • NEVER forget to close the toilet lid. 
  • Watch out for exposed power cords, as your squirrel may chew on them with very negative results.
  • Depending upon how your bedroom is setup, make sure that he can't get into the ceiling fan.
  • Others may disagree but I feel it is very bad to let your flyer co-mingle with the family dog. No matter how friendly your dogs is, his size can unintentionally harm your flyer.
  • Pecans are a flying squirrels favorite food but feed them sparingly. Pecans should be used at treats and not a primary food source. 1/2 a pecan per day is certainly enough.
  • Locate a vet that is familiar with flying squirrels. Do this prior to actually needing him. Introduce yourself and make sure that he will be prepared to handle your special needs when the time comes.