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    I am looking for a good home for a great little squirrel. I have rehabbed her along with her sister and both are equally healthy. Daisy is fighting with her sister and I dont have a larger indoor pen. I live in Fla on the panhandle between Pensacola and Panama city. You MUST have experience raising squirrels and have a great love and know how to care for them and have references.

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    Which one are you looking for a home for? Is it the one being the aggressor? Do you see her getting along with any squirrels? I have two females I am over wintering that are her age. But I also have an extra indoor cage - about the size of the critter nation cages-, and a large outdoor release cage that my 2 females are going to in March or April, when it starts warming up. I have 3 in the release cage right now due for their first "adventure outdoors" this Tuesday. Anywho, if you can't find anyone closer to take her, I am about 2 hours away - I live off of 98 a few miles west from the AL/FL line and have the facilities to take care of her if need be.

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    BT... help has been offered!

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    Does she still need a home? I can pm you my number if you'd like to talk.

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    Just wanted to let yall know I talked to Bobby on the phone and we are making arrangements to adopt Daisey by Thanksgiving. We are so excited to get another beautiful girl. I have two her age that I am going to slowly introduce. Daisey (~12 weeks) will be overwintered and released in the spring with Pinkey (12 weeks) and Buddy (~14 weeks), that is IF they want to go! Thanks to Bobby and everyone on TSB!!!

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