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Thread: Age/Food chart?

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    Question Age/Food chart?

    I remember seeing somewhere a chart that listed by age what the squirrels should be eating at different ages, it also described the squirrels physical looks to match a age.

    Anyone seen this please post or forward a link to it.

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    Default Re: Age/Food chart?

    I can help you with the looks by age:

    As far as the food goes, here is a link to what they can eat:

    Hope that helps a little bit as I am new to squirrels myself and am learning lots from the folks at TSB. Good luck!!
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    Thanks for your quick reply....

    I also found the original document I was looking for also:

    How old is the Squirrel Baby?
    1 to 5 days - tiny, the size of a woman's thumb - knuckle to tip - and totally pink; no hair at all.
    5 to 10 days - development of soft, reddish, sable hair around nose and mouth.
    10 days to 2 weeks - a grayish purple shadow begins spreading over the head, shoulders, and back; the belly and legs are still bright pink.
    2 to 3 weeks - grayish-purple color deepens until the emerging hair is long enough to be identified as hair.
    3 weeks - the baby's lower front teeth begin emerging. Hair is now slick, smooth, and shiny. Still no hair on legs and belly.
    4 weeks - has light grayish-brownish hair all over, except lower legs and belly and under tail. Some downy white hair beginning on belly and legs.
    5 weeks - thicker hair, including legs and belly. Tail hair is short, straight, and lies parallel with the bone. Eyes open.
    5 to 6 weeks - upper front teeth begin emerging. Begins curling tail over back.
    6 to 7 weeks - fully furred, sleeping less with more active periods.
    7 to 8 weeks - tail is fluffy. Should be placed in a cage with plenty of room to play.
    8 to 9 weeks - looks like a miniature squirrel. Very active and shredding your sweaters, curtains, furniture, and arms with its claws. Has lost infant appearance.
    9 to 10 weeks - develops more muscular physique.
    10 to 12 weeks - about 3/4 full size

    Remember, do not overfeed the animal, the belly should be full and round but not tight. A good guideline to use is the animal should be getting 5% formula to his body weight. If you have a small scale that can measure grams you can figure the feedings that way. A squirrel weighing 100 grams would get 5% of his body weight at a feeding, or 5 ml of formula. But remember, that is only a guideline, every animal is different.
    Amounts to feed and this is not written in stone. More or less may be eaten.
    0 to 2 weeks - 1/2 cc to 1 cc at each feeding. Feed every 2 hours around the clock
    2 to 3 weeks-2 to 3 cc at each feeding. Feed every 3 hours around the
    3 to 4 weeks-3 to 4 cc at each feeding Every 3 hours
    4 to 7 weeks formula every 4 hours
    From 6 weeks on they should start to eat solid food (Zupreem monkey
    biscuits and start on small pieces of veggie) in addition to 6 to 12 cc of
    formula, 2 to 3 times a day.

    I always give formula until they wean themselves. I understand fox squirrels will eat more than this but I have no experience with them so cannot say how much. Play it by ear. When your baby gets around 5 to 6 weeks old you can start adding small
    amount of ground up Zupreem monkey biscuits to the formula or soak 1/2 of a biscuit in the formula and give to him. This gets them used to the taste of it so when the time comes for them to eat whole biscuits, they are already familiar with it. Just use a small amount as too much will clog the syringe. Only mix it in the amount you are going to feed not the whole jar.

    Bathroom Business
    You will have to help the small baby eliminate their waste. They cannot do it for themselves until their eyes are open. The easiest way is to take a kleenex and tickle the genital area until the produce waste. This is what the mom squirrel does when she licks and cleans her babies. Sometimes this can take up to 2 minutes so be patient. They should do both wet and little poops. If the dry kleenex does not work you may use a warm damp cotton ball and stroke the genitals till you get results. This should be done after every meal until they can do it for themselves at around 5 weeks of age. Failure to do
    this will lead to poisoning and death.

    Feeding the Older Baby
    Once the baby reaches 5 weeks he should have all his fur and his eyes are open. This is the time to start adding solid food. Zupreem Monkey Biscuits are the very best squirrel food. They are nutritionally balanced and they provide the nutrients for proper growth. Start them as soon as they can have solid food. Leave some in their cage at all times. Again you can get the monkey biscuits at my store or at a pet shop. Just be sure to use nothing but Zupreem Monkey Biscuits. Place 1/2 of one in the cage and they will try it. They will make a big mess at first as they learn to eat. After they are eating the Zupreem well, you can now start adding other things like grape halves,
    pieces of green beans, peas, pieces of corn on the cob, small pieces of romaine lettuce, broccoli, squash,, and cucumber (peel if waxed), sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, orka,mushrooms, avocado, cauliflower and do not put all these foods in at once. Give small pieces of some of them till the squirrel is eating them good. Then vary the diet from day to day. You may add 1/2 piece of pecan for a treat. Always give small fresh pieces at first and never ever feed something that looks or smells bad. They also like fruit like apple (no seeds), raisins, strawberries and most every fruit. Go slowly at first and allow them time to get used to the food.No salted food at all This is the time to add a dish of water or water bottle. The water doesn’t get dirty by them dropping food in it. Use fresh water daily. Keep on feeding the formula you were using (from the syringe)
    until the squirrel decides he does not want it anymore. This could be 12 weeks or more.
    “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
    John Muir

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