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Thread: my pet squirrel bites me........

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    Unhappy my pet squirrel bites me........

    He's friendly enough to take food from me but bites me do I stop this?

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    Default Re: my pet squirrel bites me........

    Use gardening gloves?

    My squirrels are all being released in a couple months, but they sure do love to bite me! It almost seems like a love nip or an exploratory nip more than anything, but their little jaws are freakishly strong for their size (well, considering they can shred a shelled nut...). As far as I've read, it's very difficult, if not impossible to train a squirrel out of their natural instincts.

    Hopefully someone with more experience with "tame" squirrels will come on and help you!
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    Default Re: my pet squirrel bites me........

    I never had a problem with sam biting me just other people.. how old is your baby and how tame? does he have run of the house or in cage. I think also my opinion is that when they bite hollor ouch. it may be just nips of affection or warning. maybe just trying to take over as boss.. lol when sam was a baby under a year she would nip me but never bite.. but I had to teach her the no word and she does know what no means..

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    Question Re: my pet squirrel bites me........

    thanks!but do you think using garden gloves for a while will stop them from biting me......?(as a matter of curiosity)

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    Default Re: my pet squirrel bites me........

    lightly tap nose and blow in their face..
    say no no...sternly, not loud, just stern.

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    I agree with jackie. light taps. gardening gloves.. hmm depends on the severity of the bites.. lol I dont like gloves they are too I have to feel my unless you have on who will bits the far out of then yes get gloves but you want him to know you are boss and it is just like training a dog not to chew or bite on you. they are smart and will listen.

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    Talking Re: my pet squirrel bites me........

    thanks everyone!got it,tap their nose gently and blow on their face sternly.My baby is 6 months old and has got some real sharp teeth,I should have taught him the "no"word right from when he started nibbling me!

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    yep nooo even that can hurt.. all I had to do was tap her nose and say no and now all i say is no and she will stop what she is doing lol soo funny.. befor her ailments she was hearing no every soo is he in a cage when unsupervised? cage is pretty much a have to to keep him in his own space and safe.

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