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Thread: I have a 5 or 6 week old baby squirrel with diarrhea

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    Default I have a 5 or 6 week old baby squirrel with diarrhea

    My baby squirrel has diarrhea an its real watery. What should I do?? I give him or her kaopectate an pedialyte an water an formula. I have had it for two weeks an it had normal poop soft mustard color poop that had shape. an now it started out mustard an real watery an then i had a little bit of babies cereal to its formula thinking it might need solids an now it has black watery poop. dont know what to do.

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    Default Re: I have a 5 or 6 week old baby squirrel with diarrhea

    is that your email address?

    I am going to email you a phone number right now - please check your email and confirm you got it.

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    Default Re: I have a 5 or 6 week old baby squirrel with diarrhea

    ok, I hope you are checking your email right now because i just emailed you the phone number to call.

    After you call, please describe here the following:

    1. How did the baby come to you? (cat found, fell from a tree etc)
    2. Did it have any wounds or cuts? If it was cat found, did it get antibiotics?

    3. Did you hydrate the baby after you got it? How? for how long
    4. What formula are you using and how you prepare it?

    5. What is your feeding pattern? frequency and amount per feeding?
    6. How much does it weigh? How old is it?

    7. Do you have pictures? Since you just joined, you might not be able to post pics yet, but you can use photo bucket or imageshack or you can email them to me. If I am gone by then, maybe, someone else could post them for you.
    But we need to see the baby.

    Please remember:

    NEver mix pedialyte and formula!
    YOu can alternate them if needed, but never mix them!

    When it is diarrhea, stop formula temporarily but hydrate - diarrhoea is dehydrating and that's worse than a little hunger.

    Do not give pedialyte for more than 24 hours. If hydration is needed after that, just use sweetened water or plain water.

    Do not use Esbilac. It causes serious GI issues.
    You need to order Fox Valley formula:

    While you are waiting for Fox Valley, use the home made Goat's Milk formula - I will post it in a minute.

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    Default Re: I have a 5 or 6 week old baby squirrel with diarrhea

    ***While waiting for the Fox Valley to arrive...

    Temporary Formula for Infant Squirrels – The Goat’s Milk Formula

    Because of recent manufacturing issues, Esbilac and other puppy formulas are no longer being recommended for squirrels or other wildlife. The formula that TSB recommends, Fox Valley Day One, is currently available online at and But those require shipping and this baby squirrel needs food NOW.

    One of our senior members who posts as Jackie in Tampa uses an excellent temporary substitute, and it can be assembled from locally purchased ingredients:

    3 parts goat’s milk
    1 part heavy whipping cream*
    1 part vanilla yogurt

    Formula will last 48 hours in refrigerator.

    Goat’s Milk
    This can be purchased at natural food stores such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, and at most health food stores that sell groceries. It is a product for humans. Do not substitute commercial formula made for baby goats or other livestock sold at feed stores.

    Goat’s milk is available fresh in a carton; evaporated in a can; and as a powdered milk. If you purchase either the evaporated or powdered versions, please blend them with water according to the package directions before using to make the formula.

    Heavy Whipping Cream
    This is found in small cartons in the grocery store near the coffee creamers and half and half. Regular heavy cream may be substituted if it is unavailable, but the heavy whipping cream has the highest fat content, and is preferred.

    Yogurt has beneficial bacteria in it that soothes and settles digestion. Full fat yogurt is best, and a good choice that is very widely available is Stoneyfield Yobaby yogurt. However if it is unavailable, a low fat vanilla yogurt may be substituted. Avoid those that have artificial sweeteners in them. Vanilla and banana are both popular flavors, and the sweet taste of the yogurt helps to convince the baby to accept it.

    It has been recently discovered that very small pinky squirrels may do better digestively if, instead of being given Fox Valley formula straight, mix the Fox Valley 50/50 with the Goat’s Milk Formula assembled WITHOUT the heavy whipping cream.

    *It is recommended that when just starting to feed a new baby that the first feedings be made without the heavy whipping cream. This will give their digestive systems a chance to acclimate from mama’s milk to our substitute without the harder-to-digest whipping cream. Once they accept the formula and are eliminating properly, the whipping cream can be gradually added in.

    When your Fox Valley formula arrives, please transition your babies to the new formula slowly, by blending the Goat’s Milk Formula with the blended and liquefied Fox Valley formula, increasing the ratio of Fox Valley with each feeding until you are no longer using the goat’s milk.

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    Default Re: I have a 5 or 6 week old baby squirrel with diarrhea

    don't have anything to add to astras information

    please call that number she gave you and be very worried re dehydration....please get help asap



    tip for flyer parents.... Flying Squirrels need meat every single day (mealworms/waxworms/cooked chicken breast)

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    Default Re: I have a 5 or 6 week old baby squirrel with diarrhea

    thank you very much I will look in my email.

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