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    Ok, this is a bit of a long backstory...

    About a year ago, I took in a female squirrel, Billie. She has no use of her back legs and was raised by a fellow rehabber. The rehabber moved and left Billie in the care of her ex, who knows nothing about squirrels. It would appear that Billie somehow broke off both of her bottom teeth, which now seem to be dead, and her top teeth overgrew as a result, causing a bad abcess in the side of her mouth. This is when I took her. I trimmed the teeth, but something happened when she was eating a nut soon after, and blood was gushing out of her nose and one tooth ended up jutting out, giving her a "snaggle tooth." Now, the snaggle tooth has stopped growing as well, and we need to cut the other top tooth about once a week.
    This whole system has worked out just fine until a few weeks ago, when she stopped eating. I noticed that the base of the snaggle tooth was puffy and she has pus coming out. The base was also getting a black spot that seems to be slowly growing. I took her to the vet, who put her on amoxy, but says that he has no idea what to do (which is just not helpful!). The antibiotics worked for a bit and she started eating again, but once we stopped the amoxy, the infection came back. Soooo...any suggestions?

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    How far outside NYC are you?

    New Yawkers, can I asssume that Dr. Pilney has some experience with this - it sounds like it might need to be extracted???

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    Hang tight we have members with a lot of tooth experience that will help you. I do know that amoxy isn't a strong enough an ab for this. Hold on!

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    If these pictures aren't clear enough, I can try to take more once my husband is home and can help me. I have a bloody hand as a result of trying to take these!
    Also, she's unusually chunky for a squirrel that doesn't eat much. Any thoughts?
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    Great pics!
    Hi Billie!
    Yes...sounds like an extraction is in order..
    My Rocky had exactly same thing, bottom teeth broke and impacted, never grew back in...
    upper went south as well and after fighting abcess after abcess, 6 months on and off baytril, the tooth was pulled/.
    This left rocky with one upper that continues to grow and I also clip every three weeks. This extraction was almost 8 years ago.
    I would get her on baytril/cipro and find a dentist that will work with Sqs..
    Not all vets will pull teeth, call DrP and see who he can refer if he does not want to do the surgery.
    Years back with rocky, I paid $1003 to have the tooth pulled. I know now I could find a surgeon/dentist to do it much cheaper...
    The corporation owned clinics will be ridiculously priced, I now use independants or smaller, yet well established clinics.
    Good luck...let me know if I can help in any way.
    I love you and Billie, thanks for taking her in....

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    Boy oh boy does she look p*ssed off in that last Good luck it sounds like the experts are here to help as always!

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    Thanks guys, I will try Dr. Pilny and see how that goes. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to rely on antibiotics for a little while before an extraction is feasible. Glad to know someone else has gone through this and knows what I'm talking about. Should I just feed her baby food for now?

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    I am only sharing my experiences with teeth and Rocky.
    I do not want to jump to conclusions, without a vet and xrays...we are only guessing.
    yet as far as worry and daily maintainance , I feel I know what you are going thru. sells a vitamin suppliment{dry powder, Vitamix} that you add to anyting soft. 4Skwerls actually shares the recipe for HHbs.
    Thinking NOT BAKING them and serving them raw and soft may be an option.
    Or you can buy the vitamix and add it to baby food or like I do, sprinkle on finely chopped veggies. You would also need to add protien, Henrys sells all the above. I have two toothless sqs and one weak jawed MBD little one that I chop all their veggies, using a Pampered Chef hand chopper, works well.
    The incisors are actually just the tools to get food to a size that the molars can chopping is the way to go.

    I would advise monitering her weight, at least once a week.
    Keep an eye on Billie...infections can be life threatening.
    Keep her hydrated, offer some pain relief please...
    If you do not have metacam or tramadol, you can use Pediatric motrin.
    Remember she will lose her appetite...once she does, it will be hard to keep her healthy. I urge you to try to get her to a vet as soon as you can.
    hate to go on and on, but ABs need to be fresh and sq friendly, adding a probotic may help keep appetite too. Once the ABs strip the gut flora, a stomach ache from hell is going to make her more secluded and lethargic....put some good bugs back in her tummy.
    Some say ben bac, some swear by acidiopholis and I use yogurt...what ever works for Billie.
    Sending good vibes to you both.

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    Wow, lots of really really good suggestions...thanks Jackie! I clearly need to get her to a new vet, one with a bit of experience in this. I had someone PM me about vets in my state, so hopefully I can find someone that way.

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    Also, how much yogurt?

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    Sorry, one more question...does Billie need the vitamin and protein supplements if she's eating powdered rodent pellets?

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