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Thread: Squirrel vet in Orlando?

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    Hello, I have a squirrel that has an ear infection.

    I have been going to a vet at East Orlando Animal Hospital, but we are at the point where she recommends seeing someone that is more of a squirrel specialist than she is. It is under control with medication, but she hasn't been able to get it to completely clear up after months of trying.

    Any recommendations on someone in the central Florida area of a vet that is truly great with squirrel health?


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    I also used EOAH and was frustrated with their limited experience.
    After working with a fantastic vet while I was in Ft Lauderdale, I was worried about coming back to Orlando and not having someone I could trust.
    My squirrel was having serious health problems.

    I was referred by a vet tech from Ft. Lauderdale to try Lake Howell Animal Clinic on Lake Howell Rd off Semoran Blvd.
    She used to work with Dr. Diaz there and said he was experienced with squirrels.
    I've only been a few times but so far he seems more knowledgable and I'm feeling good about going there.
    I have not been able to find any other recommendation for this area, so I will recommend them based on my limited experience!

    Make sure to get EOAH to fax her records to any new vet you go to (you will have to sign a form with them to authorize that in advance or else they won't do it).

    I hope your squirrel feels better soon!

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    In Port Orange there is Dr. Alicia Emerson ... I cannot say enough good things about her. She is very knowledgable with small wildlife. She is top notch when it comes to squirrels.

    386-788-1550 (Ravenwood Vet Clinic)

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    I recently was told of a vet in the Orlando area (College Park) that treats wildlife. She is actually one of the vets from the practice that serves one of the biggest rehabbers in the area. She recently opened her own practice and is welcoming wildlife as patients. I have yet to attend this office but plan to, since it's closer to me than the vet I have been going to.

    The name is Varsity Veterinary Center (Dr Elizabeth Olson) 407-674-6835.

    Like I said, I don't have firsthand experience but trust the rehabber that told me about her and plan on giving them a try myself!

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