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Thread: Tail fell off, is that normal?

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    Exclamation Tail fell off, is that normal?

    Hello I'm new here! Thank you for having such an informative site!

    Anyway, my squirrel was running around and playing on the sofa when the tip of her tail fell off. There are no nails, staples, or sharp edges on my sofa and no one grabbed or tugged at her tail. But we noticed the tip of the tail just laying there! I picked it up and sure enough it wasn't just the fluffy hair but a small tiny piece of her tail was in there, blood on it - where it had broken off. I looked at my squirrel (Fay) and she seemed fine. No blood draining from her tail and she didn't seem to notice that part of her tail fell off. She was just as playful and continued to have a good time. Although she didn't want to go to bed and fought going back to her cage at bedtime (this is normal tho).

    Do parts of tail fall off randomly or is this abnormal? She does have a squirrel buddy (Jazz) that is the same age and they play together, and they were both playing on the sofa at the same time.

    Thank you for any advice :-)
    Squirrel Love in FL mjs

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    foxsquirrels Guest

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    Yes, it does happen pretty easily. Just a little tug can pull part of a squirrels tail off. She'll probably let you know it's a little sore.

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    Smile Re: Tail fell off, is that normal?

    Thank you for responding! I really appreciate it! She seems fine, glad it's not some disease or something!

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    I would have smooth passed out if I saw part of Ike's tail laying on the couch!

    Glad to know that if this ever happens it's ok. =)

    Jessica & JuJu (aka Ike)

    Momma's Doodle Bug ^

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    baby_chikito Guest

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    I didn know tip of the tail can come off.. .wow... gald I know now before if that even happen to my squirrel..... thanks for posting that....and welcome to.... and sounds like she fine...still playing around....

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    foxsquirrels Guest

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    OK, I don't think I made myself clear. THE TAIL OR ANY PART of THE TAIL DOES NOT JUST FALL OFF or SLOUGH OFF. IT HAS TO BE PULLED OFF BY SOME MEANS! Meaning that the squirrel caught their tail on something or by having their tail grabbed. As GB stated it is a defense mechanism when grabbed by a predator. Humans are also predators, so yes, you can pull their tail off too.

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    Talking Re: Tail fell off, is that normal?

    I'll put the story of my squirrel girls in the new comers section - so you know how old and their diets etc..
    Thank you for all of your replies, I appreciate it!

    SquirrelLover in FL

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